Monday, October 10

Yahoo launches podcast search site

It's big news, supposedly, since all the blogs and news sites mention it.

I, for one, answer with a great big *yawn*. Odeo eats it for breakfast, especially since it has the ability to turn all of your subscriptions into a single RSS feed that can be accessed from anywhere and only includes the items you haven't yet downloaded.

I'd rather use Bloglines for a podcast client than tie up my podcast browsing/listening in this new POS from Yahoo!.

UPDATE: OK, there is *one* cool thing about it. You can speed up the podcast (up to 2x the recorded speed!) without making the voices sound like chipmunks. You can also slow it down to 0.5x, but who wants to do that?!? But his feature has major caveats that bring it way down on the "cool" scale... you have to be using Yahoo!'s Web podcast player (which means you actually have to be sitting at a computer), and you must be using Internet Explorer on Windows for the feature to work.

This is pretty neat, so you can speed up talk shows a bit, spend less time listening, and still understand what you're hearing. But it's difficult to find enough power for a DESKTOP WINDOWS MACHINE in your CAR...

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