Tuesday, October 11

Google Reader, Part Deux

OK, the Google Reader is completely broken for me. I can't see any feed items, and it crashes Firefox when I wait too long hoping that it loads.

Basically, since I decided that I wasn't going to fully "switch," I unsubscribed from all my feeds except one that is infrequently updated. (This way, I figured, going back to check on the interface will mean that I won't have a ton of unread items that I'll have to mark, individually, as read.)

Well, Google Reader didn't respond very well to me unsubscribing from 24 feeds in the space of 2-3 minutes, and now I can't see anything at all. I can see the stuff at the top, and the "Loading" bit with the bubbling beaker, but the browsing interface never comes up.

I know the Reader team are checking the Google Blog Search feed for items that talk about their new product; if any of you sees this, can you see what the problem is? If you need to get more info from me, post a comment to this blog entry and I'll get back to you. Or if it's Mihai that reads this, you've already got my email address... I'm the one you helped to customize your Gmail Tweaks userscript back in March so that messages and the Compose pane always show up with fixed-width fonts.

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Mihai Parparita said...

Brad. Sorry about that, there was some downtime this morning, but as you noticed everything is up and running now. It was just as frustrating for me, since I couldn't get my news fix and had to *gasp* visit some sites by hand.

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