Monday, October 3

Wireless Power! Really?!?

This is awesome. I've been dreaming of wireless power for quite some time. Splashpower has done it by creating a "SplashPad" that you can place devices on and they will receive power without being physically plugged in.

Of course, my dream of wireless power is for more than cellular phones and digital cameras, and it's for greater distances. I'd love, one day, to be receiving power from the wall wirelessly from anywhere in the house (and powering devices as large, hopefully, as my Powerbook). I think that one day outlets will be rendered obsolete, and wireless power will be so good that you just have to bring a device into your "powered" home and it will immediately attach to the available wireless power source. Just like computers can automatically connect to wireless information networks.

1 comment:

Eko Prasetyo said...

wonder how many electrons will be stored in your body as you pass through the "walls of power" in your house :D

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