Wednesday, October 12

Details from Steve-O's "One More Thing" Announcement

Summary from today's Apple announcement:

New iMac G5:

  1. thinner
  2. built-in iSight camera
  3. FrontRow remote control
  4. Photobooth software (takes pictures via iSight)
  5. Mighty Mouse comes with it
  6. 17-inch: $1299. 20-inch: $1699.

New iPod:
  1. thinner
  2. larger screen (320x240=quarter-VGA)
  3. more HD space
  4. plays video
  5. black and white models, like nano
  6. 30GB: $299. 60GB: $399.

New iTunes:
  1. Version 6.0
  2. Download music videos for $1.99 apiece
  3. TV Shows available as well: Desperate Housewives, and 3 (maybe 4) other ABC shows
  4. Videos are QVGA native resolution
    available now for download (not in Software Update yet)
  5. Oh yeah, and you can also now give songs and videos as gifts via the iTMS

UPDATE: I've got iTunes 6.0 installed now, but the Videos aren't coming. I can see the page for Pixar's shorts, but clicking on the "Preview" button doesn't yet produce a preview of the short film.

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