Wednesday, October 12

Blond... James Blond

So, it looks like they've picked a new Bond: some blond guy I've never heard of named Daniel Craig. It seems he's often played the villain (most notably in the original Tomb Raider movie), so I wonder if he'll be able to play the suave, debonair, devil-may-care hero with enough panache to be distinguished from the next Bond nemesis.


Lauren said...

I've heard of him and actually think he's a good choice (compared to some of the others who were rumored to be the next Bond.)

I've seen this guy in a few things-- Road to Perdition and Elizabeth.

Bradley Herring said...

The guy's really good. He was fantastic in "Layer Cake" and ever since the rumor started about a year ago that he was in talks, I was hoping he would get it. Should be a great choice. Here's hoping they actually give HIM a good script to work with.

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