Monday, October 17

Fat Fingers

There are a bunch of misspellings in product titles and descriptions on eBay. Since it's hard to find them due to the nearly infinite number of ways to screw up words, they usually have lower prices than "mainstream" auctions since many people haven't found them.

Then comes Fat Fingers, a Web service that will search eBay for misspellings of whatever term you want. It will search delete each letter one by one (axopone, sxophone, saophone, etc.), duplicate each letter one by one (ssaxophone, saaxophone, saxxophone, etc.) and even swap consonants with others that may accidentally have been used (saxophome, saxophobe, etc.).

The upshot is that you get to see some auctions that are "hidden in the cracks" at eBay. Happy hunting!

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J Anderson said...

I compliment your blog!

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