Wednesday, May 27

Hudzee - Hard Drive storage

I just found out about a new hard drive storage case which is actually pretty neat. Most technology enthusiasts and computer professionals have at least a few hard drives just sitting around, full of old data which we're not quite willing to discard just yet. Or maybe it's a new drive you just picked up cheap at a swap meet or rummage sale.

Sure, you can put these bare drives into anti-static bags, but that can get clumsy. It's hard to store a bunch of bagged drives, and it's even harder to figure out what's on each one.

The Hudzee helps you safely store and organize your drives. It's a plastic case with a bit of padding on the inside to keep the drive's delicate components from getting scuffed or scratched. For anyone who regularly deals with hard drives—whether it's storing spares in case of failure, archiving old data, or for transporting large amounts of data via "sneakernet"—these cases are very cool.

I recently ordered a few, and I'm really impressed with how well the drive mechanisms are protected. They're cushioned, but still given plenty of room inside the case to breathe. There's also a window on the outside of the case for labeling, so you can remind yourself of the drive's contents or purpose when it's sitting on the shelf.

I definitely recommend the Hudzee drive case. It's an easy way to keep your data protected, secure, and easy to organize.

$8 each ($65 for 10).

HUDZEE - Keep Your Internal Drives Under Control
(via The Adventures of Systems Boy!)

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