Wednesday, October 5

Dell sells a true "white-box"

According to an article from CNET, Dell has begun to sell a true "white-box" PC. "White-box" refers to the computers that were once called "IBM-compatible," then became known as merely "PCs" (which should really be called "Windows PCs," since a Mac is still a Personal Computer), and now include all the build-it-yourself machines that run Windows, Unix, and the brazillion flavors of Linux that are around these days.

So this new PC from Dell is shipping with a Pentium 4, 512MB of RAM, a 128MB ATI Radeon video card, and a *completely blank* 80GB hard drive. This is awesome... and a genuine "first" for computer sellers. Rather than forcing people to pay for an operating system (Windows), which many power users are deleting from their machines as soon as they're unpacked, it's a true plain-vanilla machine. It comes with a CD copy of the open-source operating system FreeDOS, but users are free to download any of a number of free operating systems for installation on their new Dell Dimension E510n.

Rock on, Dell!

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