Monday, November 22

Taipei to Cloak City in World's Largest Wi-Fi Grid

This is a pretty neat idea: Taipei wants to completely cover its environs with an ubiquitous Wi-Fi network. This means that PDAs, Laptops, and other wireless devices will be able to connect to the Internet anywhere in the city.

It seems that this may not be as fun for those with their own 802.11x networks (and even cordless phones and baby monitors) at home, but the added connectivity throughout the city seems to be a great idea.

If only there was a way to get Wi-Fi connectivity to jump from 2.4GHz to another frequency not quite as occupied by other cordless and wireless household gadgets... However, this worldwide connectivity is definitely the Internet of the future, and I see Wi-Fi and cellular technologies converging into one voice-and-data wireless system several years down the road.

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