Friday, November 19

Mac Skeptic: Apple's ISight, a Webcam and More

The iSight, it appears, can be more than just a vehicle for online video chat. The application that intrigued me most in this article actually uses the iSight to scan barcodes from CDs (possibly DVDs, too, but it wasn't clear) in order to create a digital representation of your music library, including cover artwork.

I know iTunes does this sort of thing, too, but it doesn't have the ability to scan barcodes! That's pretty nifty.

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The Geek Code desperately needs updating, but in any case here's mine (as of 2010-02-28):

Version: 3.12
GIT/MU d+(-) s:+>: a C++> ULXB++++$ L+++ M++ w--() !O !V P+ E---
W+++ N o++ K? PS PE++ Y+ PGP t !5 X- R- tv+@ b++ DI++++ D--- e*++
h--- r+++ y+++ G+

If you really care about knowing what that all means, you either know the code already, or you can get it decoded for you here.