Monday, November 22

Half of U.S. Parents Plan to Buy Videogame-Survey

Not only are half of parents planning to give gifts of interactive entertainment to their children this Christmas, apparently 37 percent of Americans (I'm assuming that this figure refers to the adult population) "expect to either give or receive a video game as a gift this holiday."

My Wish List has a couple of video games on it, but none of them are the new "Halo 2" and "GTA" -style games. I always find myself a bit retro in my video-game taste: when 3D gaming was all the rage, I still liked 2D platformers best; now that first-person combat shooters and criminal adventures are hip, I finally like 3D platform games (but I still prefer third-person to first-person). The games I want are kind of old (Rayman 2 & 3; Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb), but I find that liking older games means much less financial outlay at Best Buy and/or Amazon: Games more than a year or so old often end up on the cheap-o bin and are still as good as they were when priced at $30 or more.

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