Wednesday, November 10

Stalled Immigration Reform 'High Priority' for Bush

Immigration 'reform'? In what sick and twisted way does 'reform' mean "let's let a bunch of poor people come drain our economy legally?"

Before we ever do a deal with Mexico, or get as friendly with Vicente Fox as Colin Powell seems to be in the picture on this news story, we need to deal with all of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who have, by coming here ILLEGALLY, already commited a FEDERAL CRIME.

I know Bush doesn't give a sack of wet beans about what happens in California since it's clearly a Democratic state, but the massive influx of illegal immigrants can be, and in some cases clearly is, hiding terrorists who come into the country with fake Latin American names and two-for-a-peso Matricula Counsular cards that are purportedly "official ID" from the Mexican government. For that matter, I doubt that a Democrat president would care about California's current condition since he'd feel that our vote was "in the bag," so to speak.

This is definitely a Homeland Security issue, but the DHS hasn't lifted a finger to help stem the tide. In fact, Asa Hutchinson, Undersecretary of the DHS, bent to the slightest pressure from Congressman Joe Baca (D-Calif.) and stopped the proactive efforts of police in Riverside County to rid our streets of these economic leeches.

I'm more pissed about this "deal" with Mexico than can be descibed in words on a webpage, but to hear more about the shaft California has been getting please listen to John and Ken on KFI (3-7pm weekdays, Pacific Time).

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