Thursday, November 11

Gmail Users Soon Able to Check E-Mail Via Outlook

Well, I'm sure this will be a draw from some users, but I think POP3 access for gmail is kind of silly. For me, the best part about gmail is the Webmail access... the ability to see my Inbox in exactly the same state no matter what computer I use to get online.

I suppose the big advantages will be: a) the ability to view emails "like you're used to," through whatever POP3 client you usually use, and b) the ability to view emails while not connected to the Internet. For me, though, I really like the gmail Web interface and wouldn't dream of going back to using Outlook. Also, I'm never at a computer without Internet access, so viewing messages while offline really is never an issue.

I suppose it *could* be an issue if I ever started using my PowerBook anywhere but at home or in my office, but I hope eventually to be able to be able to go online via my cell phone. Also, whenever I go to grad school I'm sure there will be plenty of Ethernet jacks around campus and in libraries. WiFi/AirPort networks would be best, of course (and that's what I use at home).

To get back to the original topic... honestly, I think that the whole POP3-gmail thing is for the people who aren't comfortable on the cutting edge of technology. Which isn't a bad thing, but it's not me.

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