Tuesday, September 26

TV Shows Available Online

Well, in my last post, I mentioned that ABC had not jumped on the bandwagon of offering full episodes for free on the Internet via a streaming player. Well, it seems that they have gotten off their duff and finally done so, and now all of the Big Four have epiodes available online.

It seems that only the most recent episode of each show will be on their respective websites, so you will have only a week to check out an episode before it's supplanted by the next one. In most cases, the shows can be seen only in a small box on a Web page... however, CBS has a full-screen button on their player and ABC has a larger box for those with higher bandwidth.

Here is the Internet television lineup:

ABC - Full Episode Player

  • Desperate Housewives

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • The Knights of Prosperity

  • Lost

  • The Nine

  • Six Degrees

  • Ugly Betty

CBS - Innertube
  • The Class

  • CSI

  • CSI: Miami

  • CSI: NY

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • Jericho

  • NCIS

  • The New Adventures of Old Christine

  • Numb3rs

  • Shark

  • Smith

  • Survivor

  • The Unit

NBC - Rewind
  • The Biggest Loser

  • Heroes

  • Friday Night Lights

  • Kidnapped

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

FOX - Fox On Demand (via MySpace, Windows only)
  • Bones

  • Justice

  • The Loop

  • Prison Break

  • Standoff

  • Talkshow (with Spike Feresten)

  • Til Death

  • Vanished


Anonymous said...

ABC was actually the first network to do this -- they did it last May with a few series. Now that the new season has started they're back again. I read that they'll have at least 4 shows for each series available at a time

augmentedfourth said...

If you read my last post (linked in this one), you'll see that I did acknowledge the fact that ABC offered episodes last season. In fact, I did watch an episode or two from their streaming player.

But that's really cool that they will have 4 episodes available at a time. Where did you hear that?

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