Wednesday, September 13

Do I know Steve Jobs, or what?

An excerpt from an IM log from Monday night (speaking of my predictions for Tuesday's "It's Showtime" Apple announcement):

(10:54 PM)
me: I'm thinking larger-capacity nanos and a WiFi computer-to-TV conduit
  like an Airport Express - Video
Jeremy: mmm
  I could live with that
me: and, of course, the iTunes Movie Store
  but that one's almost a given at this point
Jeremy: mmmmm
  one can only hope
  and drool
  what do you think, $5?
me: I sure hope so
  but it'll probably be $9.99

I totally called it (except for iPod Games and the new iPod Pequeño). But who wants to play Tetris with a click-wheel, anyway?

I love the design of the new nano... even though it does sport a kind of retro iPod-mini-resurrected look. I guess styling the mid-size device after the full-size line one didn't work as well as they thought it would, so they're back to aluminum and multiple colors. The new larger-capacity nano (8GB) is the only black one available, though... Apple's "black tax," i.e. charging more to get the same device in black, lives on.

The movie store looks interesting. I'll probably try it out, but just one at first. I'll hold out for the wireless computer-to-TV device to go live next year before passing judgment on the new Movie Store (which, by the way, carries library titles for $9.99). New releases are priced at $12.99 for preorders and the first week of availability, then they become $14.99. No hint at how long it will take "new releases" to get shunted off into the "library" category. It's cool, though, that new films will be available on the iTunes Movie Store at the same time as they are released on DVD.

The new itty-bitty iPod shuffle is interesting, but I'm not fond of an MP3 player with no screen whatsoever. Even if it is small enough to look like a disembodied control interface.

Finally, the performance by John Legend that concluded the event (which I watched later in streaming QuickTime video) was pretty good. He's a decent piano player, but the songs were much too repetitive for me to really enjoy them.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, the new iTunes 7. Smooth new interface, but it still can't show me most of my video podcasts in full-screen and I have no idea why. I'll use iTunes for audio shows so I can sync them to my 1G iPod nano, but I'll stick with the Democracy player for video.

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