Friday, September 22

Seattle Grace Hospital kicks the detectives' tails

So, Grey's Anatomy (far and away the best returning show on television) soundly beat the flagship CSI series in Thursday night's ratings. It was 25.4 million to 22.6 million if you're keeping score...

In fact the only other show I really care to watch this season are How I Met Your Mother (8:30 Monday on CBS). I'm also trying out Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (10:00 Monday on NBC) and Smith (10:00 Tuesday on CBS). I liked the Studio 60 and Smith premieres enough to give them another go, but I'm holding the "no thank you" card in reserve. They both run a little later in the evening than I really care to stay up on weeknights.

The best part about this season of television, though, is the number of shows available on the Internet. Full episodes of many primetime shows, as well as a number of clips and featurettes, are available for free streaming:
CBS - Innertube
NBC - 24|7 Video
FOX - Streaming
CW - Video Hub

The CW has no full episodes available, but there are some clips for fans to enjoy. I'm not particularly enamored with any of their shows, so it's no big loss for me. Conspicuously absent is ABC, which was the first station to try out streaming last season. It seems they're relying on iTunes for their online distribution, with the $2-per-episode charge instead of free access with ads. At least they finally added Grey's Anatomy to their download offerings, and the show features prominently on the iTunes TV Shows main page.

All in all, it looks like television and the Internet are starting to get along, and the concessions network moguls have made will force fewer people to be pirates just to keep abreast of shows they like.

'Grey's Anatomy' beats 'CSI' in ratings - Associated Press

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Lauren said...

Ha! Holding the "no thank you card" eh? I'm telling Dana you stole her phrase.

Sorry it took me so long to catch up with your blog. Glad to see you're up to your usual style. I like it. Don't force it into something that requires more effort--it's perfect as is, especially since you write so well.

Love you!

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