Thursday, September 21

Composer to Stage Mass Cell-Phone Ring

In a move reminiscent of John Cage's 4'33", jazz composer and professor David Baker plans to invite the audience to activate their cell phones en masse during a performance next month.

"Concertino for Cellular Phones and Orchestra will open the 20th anniversary season of the Chicago Sinfonietta classical music festival," reports Reuters (article linked below).

An interesting idea that I would love to experience... but does it deserve to be programmed in a concert of art music?

Cell phone concerto may be music to your ears� |

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Brad said...

I auditioned for David Baker for IU's School of Music back in 1997 (two weeks after getting my braces off!) but he didn't let me in. Perhaps I should have left my cell phone on?

You share interesting stuff, Brad - keep up the good blogging...

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