Thursday, September 8

Schwarzenegger to veto historic 'gay marriage' bill

Now, class, please take into account the following points (disregarding the whole 'gay marriage' issue, at least for now):

A) The state legislature was created as a body whose members are 'representative' of the people.
B) The people passed Proposition 22 in 2000.
C) The governor refuses to enact a bill passed in the legislature because it goes directly against Proposition 22.

Whether he says it outright or not, the point Schwarzenegger is making here is that our Assembly and Senate are no longer representative of the people who elected them. Hence, the need for fair redistricting and the removal of all these gerrymandered constituencies.

(By the way, I'm in no way against the state legalizing gay marriage. If the state issues a marriage license to two people in a same-sex relationship it doesn't cheapen, or even affect, my relationship with my wife. I'm a Republican and a Christian, but I don't get all of the 'family advocates' grousing about how gay marriages will be a death blow to marriage as an institution.)

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