Tuesday, September 20

Schwarzenegger Endorses Union Dues Measure

I'm totally in favor of this measure to put all political union spending to a vote from the members. I'm sure that my mother, a teacher, wouldn't approve of most of the things the California Teachers' Union seems to be endorsing these days. (She doesn't watch TV, so she may not know what kinds of rubbish they're spewing in their ads, but as a Republican I'm sure she wouldn't be proud to know that her dues are being put to such "imaginative" uses.)

Teachers are not getting ignored, like their commercials attempt to say. Schwarzenegger's proposed budget for next year is by no means as restrictive as they're claiming. I haven't read up on this lately so I'll refrain from commenting any further, but in general I'm glad that this proposal would cause union dues to be spent in ways approved by the members and not the union officials alone.

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