Thursday, September 15

How to control your home computer from anywhere

The link goes to a special article on Lifehacker that explains how to use VNC (an open-source remote desktop application) to control any computer from elsewhere on the 'Net. I've never been able to get VNC to work properly before this, so this article that actually got me using VNC to control another computer goes in the "permanent collection," as they say.

Of course, I just used VNC to view and manipulate the Windows computer in my office from the Mac in my office, so I didn't have to try to circumvent any firewalls or anything. I'll see if I can use VNC to operate my home computer from work, but I really doubt that I'll be able to. A new ultra-strict firewall was recently installed at work, so the necessary port is probably not open to the outside world. I even had to get special permission in order to open the port for IRC on my work computer.

Anyway, this was my fun technology foray for the day. I'm glad I finally was able to see VNC in operation!

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