Tuesday, September 20

Ideas to ramp up New Orleans' technology during the rebuild

Aside from the fact that the picture caption in this article misspells Senator Joseph Lieberman's last name, I think these are all great ideas. Since the city is going to be rebuilt essentially from the ground up, this is a great opportunity to add in some high-tech infrastructure while New Orleans is "on the table with its guts out," so to speak.

The only thing I disagree with is picking only one type of cellular network for the new city. If they want to be the tourist attraction they were before, they will have to make sure that cell phones from all over the country will be able to operate. That means installing both CDMA and GSM towers so that all phones will work in the area.

I understand that getting a working infrastructure quickly is important, so if they have to install GSM only at first just to throw together a wireless communications network that would be OK as long as there are plans to add in CDMA later.

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