Friday, September 17

Poll Finds Bush Lead Surging Among Likely Voters

This is pretty much a "duh" article - since Senator Kerry's main campaign slogan seems to be "Vote for Me Cuz I'm Not Bush." He keeps saying what he's going to do, without giving specifics about how he intends to enact these lofty promises.

Of course, Dan Rather and CBS aren't helping him at all... just shut up about those memos already! You've already made big enough fools of yourselves, and anything you do to try to pull out is just digging the hole deeper. Cut your losses, and move on.

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Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, at the moment, the fact that Kerry is not Bush is his strongest feature. Kerry very well may prove to be worse than Bush as president, if that is even possible, but I'll take that risk anyday over having to put up with another four years of Bush's deception.

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