Tuesday, September 21

Critics Argue Tougher Admissions Threaten UC's Diversity

Sure, diversity is great... but entry into a university should be based on merit, not ethnicity. This is like Congressman David Dreier's commitment to being an "internationalist" when all it means is that he's just in favor of increasing the flow of illegal aliens into our country.

He's got the worst score, based on his voting record, than any other Republican in terms of controlling the flow of illegals (betterimmigration.com) - even worse than some notoriously open-border Democrats such as Hillary Clinton. Even if you usually vote Republican, the best choice based on this number-one issue facing the state of California is his Democrat opponent Cynthia Matthews.

Anyway, back to the topic of the linked article... it's about EDUCATION, not about RACE. Educate those who show the most promise; don't just let people in because "we need more black kids." Nothing against African-American students, of course, but all students should be held to the same academic standards when determining their eligibility for university admission.


Lauren said...

It seems to me that they should start taking other factors into consideration. Perhaps it would be useful for them to start tracking how many of the admitted students actually thrive in college. I can think of a number of people (of all ethnicities) who dropped out of UC by the end of the first year. It would be interesting to see if anyone has done a follow-up study to see what percentage of admitted students either transfer out of the UC system or drop out of college completely.

augmentedfourth said...

That's a great idea... but UC would never fund any such study. What with the minority activist groups (why don't we ever get any majority activists?) pushing for affirmative action, no other system will prevail until we can actually get back to a state of democracy. "Rule by the many" in this country is gone... all politicians and policy-makers bow to whoever's the loudest. If the white middle-class majority were ever to get loud they would be labeled as racists, so don't even think about their voice getting heard in *any* public arena in today's United States.

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