Wednesday, September 1

Apple's New iMac Computer Is All Display

The outrageous-looking new G5 iMac is basically just a thick studio display with a wireless mouse and keyboard. While technically the "world's thinnest desktop computer," according to one of Apples marketing execs, I think it just looks like a laptop on steroids.

Which then makes me wonder: how long until IBM finally makes a G5 chip that will go in the Apple PowerBook? This is the first time, ever, that Apple has put its pro-grade chip (in this case, the G5) into a consumer-grade computer (the iMac) before all of the pro-grade machines (of which the PowerBook is one) have it. Some speculation I've heard is that Apple should now have a G5 PB in 6-8 months.

I'm still holding out for tha G5 PB with OS X 10.4...

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