Monday, May 8

More Mac Baloney

This is essentially the same thing Dvorak said about Apple while back... except Kantor says that the migration to Windows will be due to decisions made by the users, not Apple itself.

Either way, Mac users are not going to give up OS X. While Boot Camp allows Intel-based computers from Apple to run Windows, I seriously doubt that anyone would opt to use it as their primary operating system when they've got something much better and more secure just a reboot away. - Boot Camp will start exodus to Windows

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Anonymous said...

He likes the sound of his own voice doesn't he, it's clear that he's never used a Mac and yet seems to consider himself qualified to write on how Mac users will behave. I look forward to reading his thoughts on new developments in colo-rectal surgery, a subject, coincidentally, that he obviously knows more about, as that is precisely where his head is lodged :)


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