Tuesday, May 2

Apple's new TV ad campaign

These ads (see the link below) are awesome. I just saw the "iLife" one on TV last night, and I was very impressed.

John Hodgman (the "PC") is an author and humorist who has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Justin Long (the "Mac") has been in movies like Dodgeball and Galaxy Quest.

Watch the ads. You'll like them, I promise.

And get a Mac. :-)

Apple - Get a Mac - Watch The TV Ads

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Harry J. Sachz said...

man, those are great... in fact, i turned on the tv yesterday [first time in a long time] and saw two of the ads that were in your link... i am so sick of windows to the point where my next computer is going to be a mac... now i just need to earn 3x what my current paycheck is, and a mac is good as mine...

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