Tuesday, May 2

Getting Things Done: I Changed Pens!

Those who know me well realize that I'm never without a pen somewhere on my person (well, hardly ever, anyway). In college, when somebody needed a writing implement, eyes automatically turned to me. And since college, my chosen ink-based instrument of inscription has been the retractable medium black ballpoint Pilot EasyTouch.

When buying the index cards for my new Hipster PDA, I bought a new pen. This is a monumental moment in the life of my shirt pocket. Instead, I got the retractable .7mm black roller-gel Pilot G2. I really like it, but once this pack runs out I'll probably go for its .5mm extra-fine counterpart.

The main thing that was bugging me about the retractable EasyTouch was the propensity of the clippy bit to break off without notice. Since I usually wear shirts with front pockets and prefer to keep my pen there, lack of a clippy bit makes things difficult. The G2 looks to be a bit sturdier in the regard.

Also, the size I've been writing on my hPDA cards is not particularly conducive to the medium ballpoint. The text is small enough for my printing to start collapsing in on itself with the thick lines my old pen was producing. Not to mention the fact that the ballpoint often needs a kick-start to get the ink flowing properly.

So the new pen is doing well, at least for now. I'll let you know how it goes.

(Did I just spend a whole blog post talking about my pen?!?)


Anonymous said...

Lead a bit of a sheltered life haven't you A4

DMA :)

Lauren said...

Let me know if you are able to come up with a "pen is mightier". You're sitting on a gold mine!

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