Thursday, March 16

OK, forget what I said about Windows never running on a Mac...

It's interesting that the "Boot XP on an Intel Mac" contest has been won (and with a $13k prike at that!), but most amazing is the following quote from the NewsFactor story about it:

[Yankee Group analyst Nitin] Gupta speculated that the successful installation of Windows on a Mac will put increased pressure on Microsoft to develop an OS for Mac hardware.

Creating a version of Windows for the Mac could be a win for Apple, he said, because many more people would be willing to give the Mac a chance if it could run their favorite Windows applications natively.

Increased pressure or no, said Gupta, Mac users probably will have to wait a long time before they see any software coming from the Redmond developer because a version of Windows for Macs would be an insignificant revenue stream for Microsoft.

If Microsoft actually develops a Windows OS for Mac hardware, it would mean that an Intel from Apple would be the perfect machine. Also, since Bill Gates makes his money just from selling the software, it really wouldn't make any financial difference for him whether it ends up running on an Apple or a Dell.

I would hope that, with the dual-core Intel processor in use in the iMac and MacBook, Microsoft would attempt to create a version of Windows that could run parallel to OSX (if they do this at all). If we could run Windows on one core and OSX on the other core, so that programs written for either operating system could be executed with equal facility without requiring a reboot, I would be in line for the product right away (well, as soon as it hits the second generation, anyway).

(Mac Hardware Successfully Runs Windows XP - NewsFactor)

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