Monday, March 20

Huzzah! offers private links!

Sick of sharing *everything* when you save bookmarks to Now you don't have to! Links you add still are shared by default, but now you can activate "private saving" (settings > private saving > check "allow") to enable a checkbox on every link-editing screen that says "do not share."

So if you wanted to save a link to the stats page for your website, or to your online banking login page, and not let everybody and their brother see it... now you can.

Private links still show up in the Quicksilver catalog if you have installed the plug-in, and it seems that your unshared bookmarks won't contribute to the to the total "saved by X other people" number.

( private saving ryan)


Makam said...
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Makam said...

Sorry for the totaly unrelated comment here....but i read your comment on

and ever since then, i have been wanting to ask you this...How do you do it ?!
How do you move all your program files to another drive and keep C: only for windows...?

Please mail me the details or a webpage which can tell me how to do it ...

Thanks for the mail...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I read your comment on, where you used the host file to block sites. I can't get that to work and I'm wondering if maybe I'm not entering everything correctly. I know it doesn't pertain to this blog and I'm sorry, but I didn't know how else to reach you. I am If you don't mind maybe showing me what the host file should actually look like to block a site. Thank you, it would be greatly appreciated,


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