Friday, March 17

I've been Squeet-ified!

OK, I'm sure you're wondering what that headline means. To be honest, I'm just being a linguistic moron here.

In any case, I'm totally sold on the free service offered by Squeet. It is going to totally replace Bloglines for getting news and blogs in front of my face.

Squeet is an RSS reader that operates by sending items in your subscribed feeds to you via email. The best part is that you have multiple options for its email sending times: Live (one email for every feed item), Daily (All feed items concatenated in one daily email), Weekly (guess what this does), and Manual (sends you email updates only when you go to Squeet and request them).

With Bloglines I was checking my news and blog feeds almost compulsively, since it keeps track of them all basically in real-time. With Squeet, I am kept apprised of feed additions (and all feed additions) but I'm not continually wondering if I my subscriptions contain anything new. It's basically meting out my subscriptions to me and preventing me from going to "just see what's new" 45 times a day (NOTE: this may or may not be an exaggeration).

Basically it allows my Yahoo! News feed to act like a newspaper: its contents are delivered to me daily, and I won't waste any time "keeping my finger on" all the world's goings-on.

There are a few things that I would change (allow updates from multiple feeds to be combined into a single email, possibly allow some feeds to be updated more often than "Daily"), but as it is it's exactly what I've been looking for in a feed-reader. Check it out!

(Squeet - Free Email RSS Reader)
- via Lifehacker

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