Monday, January 30

Does legal action against file sharers dissuade others?

I can tell you that I'm not dissuaded. However, if ABC put Grey's Anatomy up on the iTunes TV Store, I wouldn't have any reason to go to file-sharing in a not-quite-legal way. I would gladly pay $2 to catch up with the show (which is the only one my wife and I watch with any regularity) if I missed an episode. The only reason I've ever downloaded episodes of the show (which I promptly delete after watching) was to see the first season after starting to watch the show regularly this year, and once I downloaded an episode I missed while in Chicago on business.

But if it was available on-demand legally, I wouldn't even think of going to BitTorrent to get somebody's pirated copy. I'm sick of having to watch TV shows only when the networks choose to air them; I can't guarantee that I'll be free from 10PM-11PM every Sunday.

On-demand media like podcasts and online newspapers are the only press I consume these days (with the exception of some live radio every now and then)... and that's definitely where news and enertainment organizations need to be headed if they want to keep making money.

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