Tuesday, January 17

The Chronicles of Narnia

My wife and I saw the Chronicles of Narnia movie yesterday. It was fun to get out and do something fun together outside the house, but I have mixed feelings about the quality of the movie.

If you've read and enjoyed the books, go see the movie. Undoubtedly. The visuals (costumes, cinematography, and effects) as well as the acting (well, at least on the part of the children) was superb, even down to the dead blue-bottle on the windowsill of the wardrobe room.

However, the dialogue was absolutely horrible. The constant re-writing and deletion of key lines (and sometimes even moving them to the wrong parts of the story) was atrocious. Lauren even said that, for at least half of the movie, she was just watching the pictures and following along with the story in her head.

Overall, I give the movie a B. The depictions of locations and charcters was fantastic, but the script really left something to be desired. If you know enough about the story to fill in all the important gaps, definitely go see it. Otherwise, you'll just be confused by the pathetic attempt to retell the story.

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