Sunday, January 15

Discovering Music, Legally

This post, from David Pogue's blog at the New York Times, talks about the new offering from Real's Rhapsody online music service. Real is now allowing anyone with a free account to listen to 25 free full songs from its catalog every month.

This won't make me a RealRhapsody subscriber (I have an iPod nano and get my digital music via iTunes), but it's nice to be able to sample full tracks rather than the 30-second clips proffered by Apple. Real certainly didn't create this program to facilitate customers' purchases from other online music retailers, but unfortunately that's just what they've done.

The other cool thing about the offer from Rhapsody is that it works just as it was intended on a Mac running Firefox. You don't see a whole lot of webapps from major players that do that purposefully, so I congratulate Real for taking the time to ensure universal compatibility.

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