Wednesday, May 18

Update: My PDA Situation

Well, after all of my previous consideration, I ended up getting myself a palmOne Tungsten E2. It's a great little PDA, and it's basically a reincarnation of my old T2 minus the odd slide-out screen thing. There are a few other differences, of course; most notable are the fact that the case is plastic instead of metal and the minor changes presented by the OS upgrade from 5.2.1 to 5.4.

On the whole, though, I like it. PalmOS 5.4's Applications Launcher no longer allows me to flip through categories by repeatedly tapping "Home" (instead, a second tap brings me to a Windows-Start-Menu-like "Favorites" screen containing shortcuts to selected applications), but it more than makes up for this by allowing me to set configurable alarms on my "To Do" items. I was about to buy a third-party app called "ToDo2" for my T2, but thankfully I waited and have almost-as-good functionality built in to the E2.

I only have two accessories I'm considering: a new case/cover, and a USB sync/charge cable. I've already got some screen protectors (I bought them at Fry's along with the handheld itself), and I'm debating whether those plus the included flip cover are sufficient to protect the E2 as it jostles around in my left pocket along with my pocketknife and all that dust that inexplicably ends up on the screen. A more protective case would be good, but would increase the E2's size and weight. Also, since I use my Palm as an MP3 player, a fully-enclosing case would limit my access to the headphone jack. I'm still on the fence about this one, and I might just stick with what I've already got.

However, the sync/charge cable is not an option for me... I need it. The E2 comes with what palmOne calls a "multi-connector," which basically separates the connecting port at the bottom of the device into a "synchronizing" portion and a "charging" portion. It only ships with a separate charging cable and USB sync cable (no cradle, as was previously the norm), but I miss the ability to charge the handheld from the USB port. The sync and charge portions are close enough that one cable could easily connect to both simultaneously, and luckily a USB sync/charge cable has been made that encompasses both functions and retails at around $15.

Does anyone with an E2 have any experience selecting a case and/or sticking with the included flip cover? Please let me know about it in the Comments section of this post.

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