Monday, May 23

It Must Be Love, but Let's Be Sure

This idea is pretty dumb. If a couple is so immature that they think they need "pre-premarital" or "pre-engagement" counseling, they aren't prepared for marriage in the slightest.

To be honest, even the premarital counseling my wife and I went through while we were engaged was a bit unnecessary... but that was mostly because the counselor himself wasn't very adaptable. It seemed like he had a particular "patter" he used on every couple, and it just didn't fit us or our situation. In general, premarital counseling is a good thing, but only in the hands of a competent counselor.

I see why these people think "pre-engagement" counseling is a good thing. I realize that many engaged couples who go in for premarital counseling are so wrapped up in the "in love" feeling that any advice from the conselor probably won't even be heard. It seems logical to move the time of counseling to a point at which the couple is more level-headed and not quite so undyingly infatuated with one another.

But, if a couple cannot discuss these issues on their own and realize what they're dealing with before the guy goes out and buys a ring, they're too immature to even think about changing their lives so drastically. This new phase of counseling is basically asking a counselor to guide you along by the hand through the dating experience. Dating should bring these issues up naturally and not require external coercion.

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