Thursday, May 19

The Beeb Shall Inherit the Earth

BBC's cutting-edge policies in both journalism and broadcasting are finally garnering them some attention.

I listen to the BBC almost daily via the Internet (mostly comedies on BBC7 and Radio 4), and I'm very impressed with their ability to not only broadcast radio over the Internet but to keep all recently-aired shows online for a week just in case they were missed. The Freeview idea (explained more fully in the linked article) is great, too, and it's helping Britain become a digital country long before America will ever have the chance. However, Freeview contains advertising, which regular BBC programming doesn't have. If American stations were to try to create something like Freeview and add *more* ads in order to provide access to digital TV, those without cable subscriptions might see more ads than actual TV shows.

And then there's the British sense of humor... a bit more refined, slightly drier, and often requiring a modicum of intelligence just to get the jokes. I love the BBC, and it's nice to see them getting their due in this article.

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