Thursday, March 24

Personalized Recommendations - Yahoo! Movies

This is an awesome new feature of Yahoo! (it's still in beta stage, but it's open to everyone). You can rate movies you've seen, and it will recommend other movies you'd probably like.

I used to have Netflix (yeah, we cancelled it - it was running our lives by sucking up *all* our free time), and the Yahoo! recommendation system looks a lot better than the one Netflix uses. I like that it's not tied to a service, and that it's got a more comprehensive index of movies. It recommends movies in the theaters, movies playing on your local TV stations (go to to set your TV listings), and movies on DVD/VHS.

It can save movies in lists, such as "Movies I Own," "Favorite Rainy Day Movies," or any custom category you want to input yourself. I've only set up a "Movies I Want to See" list, and I'm busy trying to recreate my Netflix queue in there. Now I can just look at that list before I head out to Blockbuster instead of spending an hour browsing all the titles.

I haven't used it a whole lot yet, but after just a half-hour of ratings input this morning it already correctly predicted my three "must see next" movies in the theater: Robots, Hitch, and Miss Congeniality 2. The only problem is that it 'recommends' DVDs I've already seen and/or already have on my "Want to See" list. I can understand wanting to recommend movies that a user has already rated, but there should be a preference to "not recommend rated movies" and even to exclude recommendations of movies from individual lists.

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