Thursday, March 17

Interview: father of "life hacks" Danny O'Brien : Lifehacker

This interview is great, and spot on for pinning down the geek subculture. It's rather long, so here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Incremental improvements in organising systems are, more often than not, just a black hole: a black hole that’s particularly tempting to geeks, because they’re so much more comfortable at constructing and optimising systems, rather than operating them.

Spot on! I need to stop tweaking my machine and just *use* it to get work done.
That said, I think we’re seeing a lot more applications that attempt to solve a small part of the problem, not the whole thing, and which work well together. Web applications work like that.

This reminds me of something I just said this morning (scroll down to my Ajax post).
(When questioned about *the* missing software application for getting things done): The one that stands out for me right now, just because it’s the only one mentioned in the original Life Hacks talk wishlist that hasn’t appeared in the last year, is an RSS feed generator. It’s tricky, but not impossible, to create an easy-to-use UI that would let you mark bits of a web page, and have those turn into the titles and items of an RSS feed. When new items appear, the app would attempt to spot them and fit them into the same template. It might get it wrong, but with more training it would get to the point where the RSS feed would work correctly (until someone redesigned the original Webpage).

Amen! I need an RSS creator! I need it now!

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