Thursday, March 17

ajax: a new approach to web applications

I just heard about ajax (Asynchronous Javascript XML) yesterday, and I really like the direction in which this technology is going.

Well, I suppose it would be incorrect to say that I just heard about the new technology, as I've been using it in the form of gmail for nine months or so. I'll more correctly say that I learned about the *term* for this technology, and found a more detailed explanation of how it works.

Ever since I got gmail last June, I've been really impressed with the way it handles. The ability to update your info "on-the-fly" is great, and I knew it was doing something right here on my local machine instead of going to the server for every single action. The speed issue was the best part, and the current development of DHTML- and Ajax-based Web programming is an awesome step.

I'm not sure where exactly it's going, but I really like the synchronicity present in Ajax applications like gmail. I use between two and four computers every day (Mac and Windows in the office, Mac and Windows at home), and having the bulk of the application server-side means that I see my email in exactly the same state no matter the computer in front of which I'm currently sitting.

Now I'm just sitting back and waiting for the next cool Ajaz Web app to come to the surface! Maybe... Google Calendar? :)

We all know it's possible.

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