Thursday, August 19

Today's links

I don't have much time to spend blogging today, so here are today's news stories I thought were cool enough to link here:

Cyber Brawls Spilling Into Streets

America's Sweetheart Dumps U.S. For Some Douchebag (note: from The Onion = THIS IS SATIRE)

Porn Star Tells Military 'Bullets, Not Boobs'

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The Geek Code desperately needs updating, but in any case here's mine (as of 2010-02-28):

Version: 3.12
GIT/MU d+(-) s:+>: a C++> ULXB++++$ L+++ M++ w--() !O !V P+ E---
W+++ N o++ K? PS PE++ Y+ PGP t !5 X- R- tv+@ b++ DI++++ D--- e*++
h--- r+++ y+++ G+

If you really care about knowing what that all means, you either know the code already, or you can get it decoded for you here.