Monday, August 9

Radio hosts to 'sacrifice' GOP waffler

I like this story, as I was following it long before it became national news. Radio hosts John & Ken (who can be heard throughout Southern California at 3-7pm weekdays on AM 640) are accusing Republican congresspersons from California of not acting in the public's interest in matters regarding illegal immigration. They've been hosting what they call the "Political Human Sacrifice" Summer Reality Game Show to oust one of them from office. They created a list of 13 Republican congresspersons in relatively safe districts, and by listener vote they whittled it down to 5 "competitors."

Read the article for more specifics, but it is worth noting that the link goes to the Washington Times, the #1 competitor to the liberal Post that also reports in DC.

In unrelated news, this is the 100th post to my blog! All hail Herr Theoretiker!


Lauren said...

Congrats on the 1000th post. That's pretty cool. All Hail Herr Theoretiker!

augmentedfourth said...

Oops... I meant 100th. It's changed in the post now.

And I fixed the spelling error in the gorilla post. :)

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