Thursday, August 12

Man Detained for Tossing Hamsters Off Terrace

The headline says it all. But the first sentence of the article is even funnier: "A retired Italian man could face up to a year and a half in prison if found guilty of killing his six pet hamsters and one guinea-pig by throwing them off his terrace into passing traffic."

He "accidentally" swept the animals off the terrace; one landed on a car, damaging its windshield. Police found the man's apartment "by studying the trajectory of the pets' bodies."



Lauren said...

Hehehe. On a similar note, did you hear that Ed Bradley (of 60 Minutes fame) was detained in NY for lunging at a police officer? The guy is 86 years old. I don't exactly envision him lunging with malaevolent intent.

Lauren said...
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augmentedfourth said...

Yeah I did hear that -- but it didn't make the cut to appear in my blog. Of course, it's all completely arbitrary.

BTW, thanks for posting your comment in stereo. I hear it way better that way (but the eleven-minute delay was kind of confusing).

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