Monday, July 19

Will Smith Topples Spider-Man 2 at U.S. Box Office

Despite bleak predictions, "I, Robot" managed to draw quite a large audience this past weekend. The (so far only projected at the time the article was written) take was $53.3 million, surpassing "Spider-Man 2" and Will Smith's previous best of $52.2 million in 2002 with "Men in Black II." I'll definitely be seeing "I, Robot," though probably not for a while as my wife has some great birthday plans for me this coming weekend.

She got tickets for us to see Harry Connick, Jr., at the Hollywood Bowl. That'll be awesome!

In other news about me, I finally saw "Spider-Man 2" this weekend. It was a GREAT movie; in my opinion, even better than Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man flick. That's saying a lot; I really liked number 1. Also, Danny Elfman's music was awesome; but that's kind of redundant. Danny Elfman = great music, from Spider-Man to Batman to even The Simpsons.

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