Thursday, July 29

Programs: Beware of 'Spider-Man 2' for the PC

I was really wanting to get this game for my PC, but since the Windows version will be way different from the console version advertised in trailers and commercials I may not even bother.

However, a PS2 or Xbox might be cool...


Harry J. Sachz said...

ha... it's funny that you should mention this... i (being an enormous fan of spiderman) got my hands on the pc version of spiderman 2 a week before the game came out in stores, in hopes that i may settle my anticipation...

it (aside from the original) was the worst spiderman game that i have ever played... i was severly disappointed to say the least.. however, i watched "the making of spiderman 2" on discovery or some such channel, and none of what they showed were in the game that i had played... confused i picked up a copy of the game for my xbox...

the two games are in no way the same... i'm so incredibly addicted to the xbox version, that i dream of swinging around manhattan in my sleep... why would activision do such a thing.. make two completely different versions, and have them come out at the same time... boooooo.... we "dedicated pc gamers" are not happy...


augmentedfourth said...

At least you have an X-box. I own no consoles, but I may want to get one just to play this game. The original Spider-Man for the PC (With Doc Ock and the symbiotes) is one of my favortie PC games ever... too bad it doesn't run well on my 2.4GHz 1GB-DDR system.

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