Friday, July 30

Deployed Marine says 'I do' via video

What's the point of getting married if he's in Fallujah and she's in San Diego? Though this is a cute story, it's essentially pointless.

They won't be 'Biblically' married (and yes, marriage was created by God in the Bible) until they can consummate their union, and that's obviously impossible until they're together. I don't understand this long-distance wedding thing. Maybe she wants to be able to say she was married to a Marine just in case he dies in battle, or she wants to be able to draw some sort of military-wives' pension if that happens, but I just think it's silly.


Anonymous said...

Chances are, in this day and age, they already are "Biblically married" and most likely have been since not long after they met. You're probably right though about the pension thing. The groom did say in the article that he wanted to marry her now so she would be taken care of in case anything happened to him.

augmentedfourth said...

I realize it's very probable that they've already consummated their relationship, such as it is, but still I don't see the point of a long-distance wedding. If she was doing fine as a single woman before the marriage, I don't see how she would be in desperate need of being "taken care of" if he doesn't come home.

Of course I don't know all of the individual circumstances, but based on what was reported I find the whole affair to be something of a waste of time.

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