Wednesday, February 21

Putting cellular technology in... a doorbell?

Apparently a Dutch company has put a GSM receiver/transmitter in a new line of doorbells (not yet available for sale) that will call your cell phone when the bell is pressed. It will even allow you to have a conversation with your visitor via its built-in intercom, and, if necessary, will allow you to unlock the door for them by entering a code.

The other cool application is that the door will unlock for you if you place a call to your doorbell, since it will recognize your phone's number via Caller ID. The notion in general seems kind of weird (come on... calling your doorbell?), but it's an interesting technological step forward that may become commonplace in the future.

Wireless doorbell rings you in - Network World

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Harry J. Sachz said...

I would hope that there would be a little more security implemented in the "call the door" function than simply calling the door. I mean, how hard would it be to find out what someone's cell number is, mask your outgoing number to match it, then simply call the house to allow entrance from anywhere?

I'm all for biometrics however(granted they're not 100% yet), because of simplicity and the idea of never locking yourself out of your house / car / boat / or cage.

Now being the mean spirited person that I am, along with my tech savvy prowess... I would jump on an opportunity like this to mess with someone that I didn't care much for.

Good story :)

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