Thursday, April 14

Strong Bad RSS

Hurrah for the Web community!

As you may know, there exists an RSS feed for all of the new items on at However, that contains a lot of junk I'd rather not read, including weekly items that seem to me to be so much fluff. I really could care less about some fan's drawing of Bubs, you know? I've wanted a Strongbad-only RSS feed for quite some time.

Then I found out about Scott Reynen's RSS Filter. When I first found it, it was only able to filter RSS feeds to *exclude* a particular term. However, I suggested a positive filter (i.e. the ability to filter RSS so that the resulting feed only has items that *include* your selected term). He added this feature on March 24, and after a bit of testing I'm proud to announce a new "Strongbad only" RSS feed.

This feed will contain all Strongbad emails, and it might also include Strong Bad audio quotes sometimes, if his name exists in the title of the RSS item... but since he's the only reason I ever visit anyway I don't mind a bit of extra SB goodness. Enjoy! Add it to your Bloglines account, and enjoy Strongbad's hilarious emails without any unrelated crap.

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The Geek Code desperately needs updating, but in any case here's mine (as of 2010-02-28):

Version: 3.12
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h--- r+++ y+++ G+

If you really care about knowing what that all means, you either know the code already, or you can get it decoded for you here.