Tuesday, April 26

Murphy resigns

Mayor Dick Murphy announced yesterday his plans to step down as San Diego's leader.

Personally, I'm happy about that. Mayor Murphy (thank goodness we won't have to call him that anymore after July 15) has always seemed to me just about as progressive, and as useful, as a stick immobilized in dirt at the bottom of Lake Hodges. Ron Roberts and Donna Frye have both announced their candidacy for mayor if the City Council should decide that an election will determine Murphy's replacement.

I think that an elected governor will be seen in a much more positive light than a Council appointee, and there is almost no doubt in my mind that Ron Roberts would win an election against Donna Frye. I believe that the last election (in which I voted for Roberts) was only close because Roberts and Murphy split the Republican vote against Frye; if only one Republican is on the ballot it should greatly decrease Frye's chance of becoming mayor.

Who votes a surf-shop owner mayor of the seventh-largest city in the US, anyway?

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