Wednesday, January 12

Apple Goes Budget Friendly

This is pretty cool. Steve Jobs just announced in his Macworld keynote that new hardware for the value-conscious has been released from Apple. The iPod Shuffle is a Flash-based music player (think USB memory sticks) with a tiny design and no LCD screen. I think it's pretty nifty, but I'd never buy one because it doesn't also have digital storage space to use like my Flash drive. Oh yeah, by the way, I got a Flash drive. The best part is that it's an SD card reader in addition to being small and USB-powered. There's no internal storage media in it, but I can stick the SD card I normally have in my handheld into it and use it to save data and transfer MP3's to my Tungsten for playback on long car rides.

Also, Apple announced the Mac mini, a *very* small G4 computer that's something like a cross between a PowerMac and an iMac (though a bit less powerful than either). It's just a little box, less than a seventh as tall as a PowerMac, that cases an entire computer setup that optionally even includes AirPort and Bluetooth wireless capabilities. Quite an interesting device for the cost-conscious (as is the iPod Shuffle), but I'd never purchase computer equipment just because it's cheap.

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