Monday, January 31

Apple beats Google as brand with most impact

This article from MacCentral is a recap of Apple's enormous presence as a brand of products and services over the last year (The "Apple Edges Google as Top Brand" article in the sidebar lists the full top-five brandchannel lists).

Google has been the "brand with most impact" for the last two years, but Apple's foray into the digital music arena garnered it a lot more worldwide attention. It's almost getting to the point where "iPod" means "MP3 player" in the same way that "Kleenex" means "tissue" or "Coke" (for some) means "soft drink." 2004 was the first time I bought anything from Apple (a 15" Powerbook that is now slightly outdated by a brand-new generation), and I'm really in awe of both the simplicity and underlying complexity of their products.

OS X 10.3 is easy to use; much more so than Windows XP. However, there is a lot more under the hood for the die-hard computer tinkerer to "tweak out" the system to exactly their own specifications. I can't really say a whole lot about this truly modern OS that hasn't been said before, but I've really come to like it. I still use my Windows desktop PC for games (The processor is nearly twice as fast, and I have four times as much RAM), but the ease and elegance of Macintosh make it my favorite computer.

Anyway, back to the point of the linked article... Mac is changing lives. It's turning heads. It'll never have a tremendous marketshare, but it's here to stay and will always be offering the very best in modern technology.

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